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People's Faces and Occupations:
People's faces and occupations speak loudly of their emotions, their cultures and their environments. These photos taken throughout the world portray the uniqueness of the human race.
allwinkles_small.jpg policeofficer_small.jpg
Doors, The Mystery Behind:
Doors separate us from the outside world, keeping in private the gamut of emotions we may be experiencing behind them and not care to make public. These doors are from different parts of the world, but human emotions have no geographic boundaries. They hide The Mystery Behind
door1_small.jpg door141_small.jpg
Nature and Landscapes:
The world is full of wonders of nature. These photos capture some of their beauty and serenity.
mountains2_small.jpg greenery_small.jpg
Windows of the World:
Windows serve to protect the privacy of our lives, and also to witness the happenings in our surroundings. These photos show different styles of windows found in different parts of the world, though they all have the same functions
window19_small.jpg window74_small.jpg
Intriguing collection of architectural styles, from the most luxurious to the poorest, reflecting a diversity of cultures and socioeconomic status.
amsterdam_small.jpg cathedral1_small.jpg



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